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Bill Murray Crashes White House Press Briefing Room To Talk Baseball

Is there anybody in the world who doesn't love Bill Murray...?! "Talking up the Chicago Cubs, the Hollywood star wanders


Surprise Press Conference Prank

It's amazing. When most people see someone speaking to the public on the streets we assume they are trying to sell us


Wisconsin Basketball Player Lets Out An Embarrassing Whisper At Press Conference

Wisconsin college basketball player Nigel Hayes thought he would have a little fun with the NCAA stenographer during a press conference,


Key & Peele Spoof Marshawn Lynch And Richard Sherman’s Press Conference

This hilarious Super Bowl themed clip by Comedy Central duo Key & Peele has instantly gone viral over the weekend with over 3 million


Marshawn Lynch Has A Press Conference With Skittles

Seahawks running back star Marshawn Lynch has become known as the NFL star who doesn't like to talk to the media.


Mike Tyson Admits He Lied About Being Sober

Infamous boxer Mike Tyson was trending online last week after playing Punch Out! on Nintendo for the first time, garnering


Microsoft Surface VS Apple iPad Press Conference

The first second Microsoft announced their new Surface tablet computer, the media and nerds across the globe all shouted together,


The Dictator Holds Press Conference

Chanting 'Death to the West' in place of the traditional 'God bless America,' The Dictator graced Western journalists in New


Tim Tebow Says He’s Excited Supercut

Tim Tebow has finally moved to NYC and is now considered a Jet. And he's very excited about it. So


Michael Bloomberg Answers Press Conference Question In Spanish

A twitter account by the the name @ElBloombito just went viral over the weekend with more than 12,000 subscribers. @ElBloombito parodies New York