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Nine Year Old Prodigy Adrian Romoff Plays Piano On America’s Got Talent

Adrian Romoff is only nine years old, but he is already starting high school! The child prodigy is also an


Yo-Yo Baby Will Blow Your Mind

Japanese six year old Kazuya Murata is known around the world as the Yo-yo Baby. Everywhere he goes he surprises


Seven Year Old Piano Prodigy Has The Most Outrageous And Adorable Interview With Ellen Ever

Seven year old Elias is an amazing piano prodigy who has already performed at Carnegie Hall.  But his rambunctious personality is


Five Year Old Genius Arden Hayes Knows World Geography Better Than You

Jimmy Kimmel invited his five year old friend Arden Hayes back onto his late night program to further embarrass adult viewers. 


Five Year Old Piano Prodigy Ryan Wang Performs Private Concert For 101 Year Old Grandma

Ryan Wang is only five years old, but he's already world famous for his impressive piano skills. He's starred in


Polyglot Teen Speaks 20 Languages

Last year, PolyglotPal published a video featuring their youngest hyper-polyglot, or person who can speak multiple languages. In the viral video, Tim Doner


Five Year Old Piano Prodigy Ryan Wang Performs On Ellen

Unofficial Internet queen Ellen DeGeneres is well known for her love of cute and talented kids. Her most recent little


Adorable 17 Month Old Toddler Golf Prodigy

This video by jaf037 was posted online in 2010, but has only gone viralviral this week. Ever since he could walk, their


14 Year Old Prodigy Computer Programmer Santiago Gonzalez Dreams In Code

Santiago Gonzalez is not your average teenager. For one thing, he's in college, set to graduate at the tender age


12 Year Old Music Prodigy Already Writes Symphonies

This video clip that was just uploaded online is of a 60 Minutes segment from November 28, 2004. The story