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An Interesting Fact For Every Country In The World (Part 2)

Last week I showed you the first episode of this two part-series by Wendover Productions, now you get to see


An Interesting Fact For Every Country In The World (Part 1)

Wendover Productions presents this very interesting and entertaining video with lots of random facts and more or less useless knowledge


Boy Performs Shocking Impromptu Piano Recital At Costco

While his parents were shopping at Costco, one young man decided to practice his piano skills. He surprised passersby with


The Best Dock Line Handler

While visiting Frenchy's restaurant in Clearwater beach, Florida, Red Line Charters swears he met the world's best dock line handler. And the Internet


Motorcyclist Saves Cup Left On Back Bumper Of Passing SUV

While motorbiking through the Rocky Mountains of Orem, Utah, avid motorcyclist Bossaucey stumbled upon a serendipitous moment. As he passed a Ford Explorer, he


Kung Fu Grandpa Practices His Nunchuks In Grocery Store Parking Lot

Aamon17 narrates this hilarious video of a Kung Fu Grandpa getting his "nunchuk kung fu panda on" in the parking lot of


The Most Depressing Chili Cheese Video Recipe Ever

Steven Reed, the host of Weber Cooks, maybe the saddest 'cooking show' host ever. He has just gone viral with his


Skittles Sorting Machine

This video was originally published last March, but it only went viral now over the weekend after being covered by


Man Pays Ticket With 137 Dollars Bills Folded Into Origami Pigs

There are few things more aggravating than getting stuck with a ticket, especially when the police are obviously running a speed trap.


Highway Sign Bounces Along With Indian Music

Jay Mangat was just cruising along the highway in Calgary, Alberta, Canada during an extremely windy storm when he noticed something strange


Skaters Accidentally Catch Giant Construction Boulder Falling On City Bus On Camera

It's not uncommon for skater boarders to record while they skate. How do you think all those amazing trick video,


Opening Beer Bottles With Out An Opener Compilation

There's absolutely nothing worse than getting ready to kick back and enjoy some brewskies only to discover no one has a