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Ghe-O Rescue SUV Puts The Hummer To Shame

Romanian Ghe-O Motors has recently debuted their new Ghe-O Rescue SUV, and the web is quite impressed. The beast of a rescue vehicle…

Nicolae Ceausescu’s Final Speech

In 1989, brutal Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu was still holding the country in a socialist choke hold. But after decades of…

World’s Strongest Kids

Diagonal UK brings us this human interest story about the Stroe brothers from Romania. At age two, their father started them strength…

World’s Strongest Boy Performs Push Ups On Glass Bottles.

Romanian born Giuliano Stroe is only seven years old, but he has already been nicknamed the world's strongest boy. He…

Boy Sings High Pitch Opera Romania’s Got Talent

I can't understand anything they are saying, but I can see that this guy has got some serious talent. He…

Yuyuyuhuhui – Romanian Woman Trololo

The Russian Trololo viral phenomenon is a real Russian song that the Internet fell in love with. But the Internet has a…

Romanian Subway Beggar’s Phone Rings

This guy sounds sad, miserable, and poor. He even has the poor beggar swaying down tight. But then there's a…



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