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School days

Don’t Say Gay PSA

This video was posted online a year ago, but it just went viral now, and is featured on YouTubeTrends and…


Funny MEME – School vs. College

College Student Gives Persuasive Speech Why Taylor Swift Should Date Him

Every college kid hates speech class, but almost every school requires it to graduate. IanWillard actually used his college speech class…

Internet Famous Teacher Performs Thanksgiving Live Action Mixed Video Show

Matthew Weathers is a high school teacher famous online for posting his great live action/video performances in class. For a…

Teacher Bullying Special Needs Student Caught On Camera

The bullying epidemic in America is very serious, causing some kids to commit suicide. But no one expects the bullying…

High School Graduate Gives My Little Pony Graduation Speech

This graduation themed video was naturally posted back in June, but just went viral again now after being featured on…

NBC Reporter Wears Grapes Suit In Ridiculous Report About Student Suspended For Wearing Banana Suit

Nowadays, it's not a surprise to here about kids being suspended from school for doing some crazy stuff. Stealing, cheating,…

Chemistry Teacher Performs Exploding Pumpkin Trick In Class, Makes Jack-O-Lantern With Fiery Explosion

The world needs more teachers like Mr. Chris Bergmann, who teaches Chemistry in Fort Collins, Colorado. For Halloween, he performed the Exploding…

Remember this from school

College Kid Prank Farts In Class And Library

We've seen what happens when you prank fart on shoppers at Target, so now it's time to see how college…

Chemist Wizard Performs Chemistry Potion Magic

Most chemistry classes are as boring as watching paint dry. But The Wizard, who just happens to be a chemist, offers a…


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