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Scooter Plows Over Person

[rumble][/rumble] An unfortunate road accident. More

Moped Rider Helps Blind Man Walking In Street

Motorcycles Vancouver¬†is not your average biker gang. Instead of wreaking havoc as some might assume, they're helping the community. They…

Extreme Scooter Freestyle

BMX bikes,¬†skis, and skateboards are usually the mode of transport of choice for performing extreme freestyle jumps, flips, and twists.…

Netherlands Domino’s Pizza Electric Delivery Scooter Has Domino’s Themed Engine Sounds

EV's, or electric vehicles, are great for your pocket book as well as the environment, but there are some down…

Scooter Crash Mario Kart Style

There's just something about Nintendo and Mario Kart that gamers and Internet users love. The sound effects can be added…

Scooter Fail Compilation

There's just something about scooters, with their buzzing motors and slow acceleration, that makes them the butt of so many…

Dog Rides Scooter

This older video has had a sudden burst of viral activity. A dog owner trains her pup to ride a…

Old Man Tries To Steal ATM With Scooter

In the movies, robbers try to steal ATM machines with big trucks. Even then it's not that easy. One old…



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