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Do Cats Really Hate Water?

Simon from Simon's Cat tells us all there is about the ever-being struggle between water and cats - and got


Simon’s Cat: A Day In The Life Of A Cat Owner

I just can imagine how life with a cat must be. Thanks to this recent video by Simon's Cat I


Simon’s Cat: Guide To Love

After the recent dinner date Simon's Cat published another video regarding Valentine's Day. "Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you ever wondered


Simon’s Cat – Dinner Date: Starters

Valentine's Day is coming and Simon's Cat is looking forward to it a lot! :) "A culinary cat helps Simon


Simon’s Cat – Looking for Love

Simon's Cat got over 300,000 lovely views on this "Valentine's Collection" that connects some earlier videos regarding this famous thingy


Simon’s Cat: Little Box

This new video by Simon's Cat is trending right now with over half a million views within it's first day


Simon’s Cat: Guide to Winter

The newest issue of "Simon's Cat" has been uploaded several hours ago and already got over 200.000 views already. "Watch


New Simon’s Cat About The Trouble With Bed Sheets

Making your bed is one of the most boring and troubling things you have to do. And now imagine you


Simon’s Cat In Muddy Paws

The popular cartoon series, Simon's Cat, is back with another adorable short film. In this episode, Simon's cat and his friend


Simon’s Cat Meets The New Pug

The popular animated web series Simon's Cat is finally back with a new episode. In this latest clip, Simon's cat tries to


Pizza Cat

Everyone knows that pets love messing around with us when we have real food out. They just can't help trying


Simon’s Cat Tries To Woo His Valentine With Butterflies

Valentine's Day isn't just for people anymore. Simon's Cat wanted to impress his girlfriend too. So he pushed a present to her window and