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Awesome Indoor Skydiving Freestyle Routine By Maja Kuczyńska

At Wind Games 2017 Maja Kuczyńska showed this spectacular skydiving choreography in the final round. menager47 uploaded the video and


Daredevil Successfully Skydives With No Parachute

The greatest fear people have while skydiving is a malfunction with their parachute. But daredevil Luke Aikins doesn't seem to worry about


GoPro Camera Found In Field Contains Video From Skydiving

Swede Kristoffer Örstadius's father found a GoPro camera in a field that appeared to have been there for several years. When


Terrifying Helmet Cam Footage Shows When Skydiver Has Seizure

Nomadic Adrenaline is lucky to be alive. Last November, he went skydiving and had a near death experience. While performing a


Airplane Nearly Collides With Skydivers

A lot of things can go wrong while skydiving. Forest Pullman and his skydiving partner were lucky enough to just barely


Skydiver Plummets As Parachute Tangles

There's nothing more terrifying for a skydiver than a parachute malfunction. While jumping from 14,000 feet over Australia, a 27


Navy Parachute Team Jumps Into Baseball Stadium

The Leap Frogs Navy Parachute Team helped make the Padres' 2014 home opener special by jumping into the stadium. The crowd cheered


Daring Skydiver Almost Hit By Meteorite

For the first time ever, a meteorite was been filmed as it fell from the air. The camera just happened to


Recording Camera Falls From Skydiving Plane And Lands In Pig Pen

Mia Munselle had a GoPro camera recording right before he jumped out of an airplane while skydiving. But suddenly, it slipped


Helmet Camera Captures Unconscious Skydiver Rescue

James Lee was taking part in a skydive when a terrifying accident occurred. He hit his head against the helmet


Two Planes Carrying Skydivers Collide, Everyone Jumps And Survives

It's not common for two planes to crash midair, but it's even more rare that everyone in the incident survives.


Baseball Player Knocked Over By Skydiver

A surprise went awry during the Hannibal Caveman vs Terre Haute Rex baseball game in Hannibal, Missouri. Three skydivers were apart of