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Kayaking Down the Largest Natural Water-Slide

Kayaking Down the Largest Natural Water-Slide Check this crazy video out of the largest natural water slide! This is a


World’s Most Epic Natural Water Slide

It's finally getting warmer and sunnier outside. Summer is just around the corner. And nothing says summer like water sliding.


Baby Ducklings Play On Water Slide

Twicebaked posted this adorable video of baby ducklings playing on a mini-water slide at the South Carolina state fair back in


Epic, Giant Slip ‘N Slide Launches Riders Into Pool

The first chill of Autumn has crept in, but the memory of summer is still fresh.  As a fun last


Super Shower Slide Invention

College Humor has returned with another hilarious episode in their Inventions Made Better series. This time, they direct their attention towards


Kitten Slides Down Slide Into Fake CGI Fire Pit

This short yet sweet video was actually published by shapiro127 at the end of 2010, but it has experienced a second surge of


Woman Falls Down Water Slide Steps, Wiping Out Line Of Kids

In Latvia, powerful winds were to blame for an inflatable slide being blown over at a beach. But in America,


Dog Slides Down Playground Slide On Command

MrPaddlepower has a very well trained dog, Tom. When he asks Tommy, 'Would you like to play on the slide?' and


Epic Japanese Slide

They say everything is bigger in America. But that's not necessarily true. Just check out this huge slide in Japan


Baseball Player Hurts Himself Sliding Into Home Headfirst

Jacksonville Suns' pitcher, Graham Taylor, was rounding third, and decided to go for home. But when he slid home, he


Huge Snow Slide Built On Snowman

This year there was record snow fall all over the US. Most people complained about the snow, but what about


World’s Biggest Slip And Slide

Ok, everyone thinks they make the biggest slip and slide. But this really is god dang big. Water parks have