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The Toilet Brush Monster Revolver

Joerg Sprave is the web's famous slingshot master. In his latest episode, he has unveiled one of his most outrageous weapons…

Teen Passes Out Twice On Sling Shot Ride

Sling shot park ride videos seem to never get old. Viewers just love watching riders as they scream, curse, and…

Boyfriend Faints On Slingshot Rollercoaster

The slingshot style roller coaster is an extremely popular source of viral videos. The latest to go viral was actually…

Automatic Chain Gun Slingshot

The Internet's famous sling shot master, JoergSprave, introduces his newest invention. It's a fully automatic, repeating Gatling slingshot crossbow. Imagine a chain…

Machete Slingshot

JoergSprave is famous for his outrageous sling shot videos. His latest one has gone viral for good reason. He's shooting machetes…


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