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Hugs Music Video By Lonely Island And Pharrell

The Internet is giddy that comedy-music group The Lonely Island has debuted two new music videos after appearing on SNL this


When Will The Bass Drop Music Video

It's been a while, but popular comedy-music group The Lonely Island has finally returned with a brand new SNL Digital Short. As


The Beygency Comes After You If You Don’t Like Beyonce

It seems like everyone is in love with Beyonce. And there's a reason why. If you actually admit you don't


Louis CK Stars In Black Jeopardy

Saturday Night Live is famous for their classic Celebrity Jeopardy skits from the past. They've changed things up this weekend with


28 Reasons To Hug A Black Guy Music Video

This SNL sketch from the weekend has gone viral. In honor of Black History Month, Kevin, Tyreece, and Michelle perform


Jonah Hill And Leonardo DiCaprio Recreate ‘Titanic’ Scene On SNL

During Jonah Hill's third opening monologue for Saturday Night Live, he answered a few audience questions about his latest movie The


Spike Jonze’s “Me” Parodies “Her”

SNL guest hots Jonah Hill stars in this humorous spoof of the new Spike Jonze film Her.  Instead of a


Do It On My Twin Bed SNL Holidays Music Video

Christmas is a time to visit the family at home. That often means being stuck in your childhood bedroom on


The Three Wise Guys

Everyone knows the story of the three wise men who traveled to Bethlehem to visit the baby Jesus.  But most


What Does My Girl Say SNL Ylvis Parody Music Video

Like nearly everyone else, this week's SNL host, Kerry Washington, is sick of What The Fox Say by Ylvis. But when she


SNL Imagines Mock Horror Trailer By Wes Anderson

Film director Wes Anderson has a style and design few can duplicate. But can Wes employ his one of a kind


Boy Dance Party SNL Skit With Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was the guest host on NBC's Saturday Night Live this weekend, and brought the house down in this Boy