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This Is Adorable Even If You Don’t Like Soccer

We get it, soccer is not for everyone. But who doesn't like some adorable youngsters chasing around two professional players?!


When Bungeejumping Goes Wrong… Ouch

You're full of adrenaline, and the last thing you want to happen is tripping over. Ouch.


Proof That Bowling Is An Art

The Big Lebowski proved it a long time ago, and this is just a reminder--bowling is an art!


Amazing Sportmanship At The London Marathon

London marathon runner needs help getting to the finish line, and another runner guides him all the way. Don't tear


Son Challenges His Father To A Gymnastics Competition

Son is a trained athlete, but his dad doesn't disappoint... at all!


How A Hockey Puck In Your Face Feels

Ice hockey is by no means a sport for pussies, as this video proves.


Combine Juggling And Pool Trick Shots And You Get One Sick Video

We're always interested in trick shot videos, so this naturally came to our attention. A master juggler combined with a great


Awesome New Record For Longest Domino Line

The days when domino was a lame hobby are long gone--it's challenging, fun and requires insane amounts of discipline. These


Let’s Cut Open Cricket Balls, Just For The Fun Of It

New on What's Inside (yeah, we're fan of the show): what's inside a cricket ball? Not any cricket ball, mind


Just A Casual Scuba Diving Session… Wait Is That An iPhone?!

The underwater world is beautiful, as you can see in this video. Lots of untouched nature, and this guy is


When You Have Too Much Time, You Obviously Build A Ping Pong Ball Trail

It takes great skill and precision to make a ping pong ball do exactly what you want. It takes hours


When You’re Trying To Play A Soccer Game But There’s A Bloody Dog In The Way

The game probably wasn't that interesting, so this dog invading the pitch was the highlight of the day. It has