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Most Stairs Climbed While Balancing A Person On The Head

Sometimes I don't really get how people got around to think of a world record discipline. Like this absurd category


Escalator Descending Down Int Pyongyang’s Subway Is Eerie

North Korea is one of the most secluded countries in the world. Nearly all media companies are banned from the country,


Balls On Escalator Is Mesmerizing

This video by EN was not here was posted in 2012, but it has only gone viral now with over 200,000


Mean Cat Won’t Let Dog Down The Stairs

Cats are supposed to be afraid of dogs, right? Well, that is obviously not always the case as is evident


Waves Of Water Falls Down Stairs Like A Slinky

Water usually moves as one continuous body. But in this strange video by Brian Byrne, water falls down a flight of


Dog Teaching Puppy How To Descend Stairs VS Cat Teaching Kitten

This hilarious comparison video posted by  has gone viral. The video seems to authenticate many stereotypes surrounding cats and dogs.  First,


Rat Stuck Going Down The Up Escalator Is A Metaphor Of Life

Life is one big rat race. Sometimes, it feels like we're all walking down an ascending escalator. Just as the


Dog Walks Upstairs Backwards

Charles Redden's adorable Basenji has gone viral over the weekend. He assumes the issue is the wooden stairs, but, for whatever


The World’s Shortest Escalator

Some conveniences are only worthwhile if they actually bypass a real chore, like an escalator in place of walking up


Woman In Electric Wheelchair Flips Over Trying To Ride Escalator

Most underground trains have elevators for disabled riders, but for some reason, this woman in a motorized scooter decided to


Timid Mini Pig Climbs Down Stairs For Bowl Of Oatmeal

This adorable video published over a year ago by PiggyGirl2010  just started to trend now, and is featured on WXER, StuffIStole,


Baby Laughs Going Down Stairs

Baby boy Liam just learned how to scooch himself down the stairs. And that brings him great joy! The video