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Crazy Couple Goes Swimming Wearing Homemade ‘Shark Cages’

A shark is not something you ever want to mess with. Still, the odds of being attacked by a shark while


Men Try Women’s Swimwear

Ahh summer, the time when people kick back and enjoy good times at the beach. Except summer isn't all fun and


People Riding Epic Water Slide Is Pure Summer

Nothing says summer like a group of friends riding water slides in the hot sun. To celebrate the beginning of


Women’s Swimsuits Over The Past Century

Now that it's finally warmer out, people are hitting the gym extra hard to get ready for the beach. Speaking


Concerned Dog ‘Saves’ Owner Going For A Swim

What a good boy! This dog is such a good lifeguard that he doesn't hesitate for a moment when he


Dog Whines That Swimming Time Is Over

Parents are used to their kids crying when pool time is over. But the pool is closing, and that's that.


The Deepest Indoor Swimming Pool Will Blow Your Mind

Nemo 33 was the world's deepest indoor swimming pool, but was just recently dethroned by Y-40. Still, Nemo's 113 feet


Dog Blows Bubbles In The Pool

People quickly learn the pleasure of blowing bubbles in the poo or bathtub at a young age. Adorably, Diesel the dog


Doggy Pool Parties Are Pure Happiness

Dogs are known to love water as much as cats hate the wet stuff. You just can't find a dog


Jimmy Kimmel’s 8th Annual Belly Flop Competition

For a number of years now, Jimmy Kimmel has been holding a very important competition. His annual belly flop competition that is.


Confused Dog Stands In Pool

Though "this dog loves the water," she apparently isn't that big of a fan of swimming.  While all the other


Nervous Dog Swims For First Time

This touching video by Strang Reality has gone viral after being featured on Reddit.  The dog owner explains that his pup