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Classic Swiss Toy Music Box Is Gorgeous

Not only is this Swiss toy box from the early 1800's intricate and beautiful, but it sounds gorgeous too. The


The Way This Singer Reacts To Crowd Singing Along With Her Will Make You Smile

The Consulate General of Switzerland in New York posted this video a year ago, but it is trending again now.


Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps 2012 Performance

The Top Secret Drum Corps is a Swiss music group like no other. Based in Basel, Switzerland, the crew of 25 drummers


Animated Tower

Students and staff at the University of Health Sciences (HESAV) in Switzerland spent a good while opening and closing the windows and


World Record Water Blob Launch

They take their fun very seriously in Switzerland. That is where the highest water blob launch was just recorded by


Man Flies Over Grand Canyon With Jet Pack

Yves Rossy is known as the Swiss "Jetman". He completed an eight-minute flight along the Grand Canyon with his jet pack


Guy On Roof Tricks Justin Bieber Fans In Germany

When girls see a celebrity, they just shriek and cheer. It's almost automatic. One dude in Germany pulled a prank on Bieber


Skydiver Almost Crashes Into Mountain

Next time you just at the Swiss Alps (which is all the time, right?), make sure you've spotted correctly, and


Ski Hang Gliding In Wengen Switzerland

Skiing down steep slopes at high speeds takes guts. Try strapping a parachute on your back. Now that's speed flying.


Mirko Vucinic Takes Pants Off To Celebrate Goal – Montenegro VS Switzerland 2010

This Montenegro captain scores. So how does he celebrate? He pulls his pants off, and puts them on his head,


Swiss Politician Can’t Stop Laughing

Switzerland's finance minister couldn't stop giggling as he tried to read his report on finance.