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Gospel Flash Mob At University Of Toronto Convocation Ceremony In Honor Of Departing Chancellor

Chancellor David R. Peterson's term at the University of Toronto will come to an end on June 30, 2012 after…

Why Does McDonald’s Food Look Different In Ads Than In Real Life

Have you ever gone to a fast food restaurant only for your burger to not look as amazing and magical…

Batman’s Night Out On The Town

TheSeanWardShow set out to the streets of Toronto to make a "Sh*t Batman Says" video, but once they got out in…

Jeremy Lin Three Point Buzzer Beater To Beat Toronto

The New York Knicks and the Toronto Raptors were tied 87-87 with just seconds remaining on the clock. Up and…

Rear End Scam Victim Proves His Innocence With Dash Camera

Having a dash camera can pay for itself in just one incident. This driver in Toronto was on the highway when he…



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