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Magnets And Marbles Rube Goldberg Machine Is Mesmerising

The Internet has seen plenty of Rube Goldberg machines. But this one sticks out for including an extra twist. Magnetic


Mind Blowing 3D Puzzles

Regular, old fashion two dimensional puzzles are so boring and dull. Grand Illusions review three brand new 3D puzzles that he found


Epic Lego Train Track Will Take You For A Ride

As their name implies, TrainGuy 659 specializes in all things trains. Even though this video features video taken from a toy train,


Hot Wheels Toy Car Track On The Beach Is Surprisingly Entertaining

Toy movie maker 5MadMovieMakers went to the beach for the day, and brought along a bunch of Hot Wheels cars and tracks.


Nerf Team Fortress

Every kid who plays with Nerf guns imagines they are soldiers out to save the day. The special effects nerds


Dropping An iPhone 6S From 100 Feet In A Lego Phone Case

Smartphone cases have become a must have accessory if you want to keep your investment safe from scratching or breaking. Techy TechRax got to


Building The Star Wars Lightsaber

One of the most famous science-fiction weapons in the world is the laser sword from Star Wars. The lightsaber. For decades,


What’s inside an Etch A Sketch

For decades now, children of all ages and generations have played with the Etch A Sketch. It's arguably the first


Turning Anything Into Legos

One of the most famous toys in the world is Legos. Nearly every child, no matter the culture or nationality,


Marble Race Through Sand Track Is More Entertaining Than You Might Think

Who knew that marbles could be so entertaining? As their name suggests, Jelle's Marble Runs specializes in marbles. In this trending clip,


Peek A Boo Teddy Bear With Ripped Off Face Is From Your Nightmare

Are you a parent who is sick of those peek-a-boo teddy bears that replay the same message? TwoHeads666 somehow took an innocent toy


Toy Train Escapes From Mine

MadMovieMakers took his model train set to the next level by putting a camera on the engine. After setting everything up, he