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Parents Build Optimus Prime Birthday Cake That Actually Transforms

Thanks to the Internet, talented parents who create stunning themed birthday cakes can show the world their work. But Russellmunro and his


Kids React To The Transformers

Transformers have experienced a rebirth ever since they were rebooted by action movie director Michael Bay. What many kids today fail


Megatron Epically Berates Selfie Taker

Decepticon leader Megatron is not much of a fan of the modern generation. Everyone is constantly taking selfie pictures, and he


Transformers 4 Will Probably Be Something Like This

The fourth Transformers movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, will debut next month. After three previous films, the nerds at Animation Domination High-Def have an


Transformer Costume Turns Into Little Car That Actually Drives

This street performer took his Transformers costume to the next level! Not only does the yellow Transformer look authentic and


Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer

The Transformers are returning this summer. Popular actor Mark Wahlberg stars in Michael Bay's fourth explosive episode in the Transformers series, Transformers:


Every Transformation In The Transformers Movies Compilation

The Transformers movies are by Michael Bay, so there's no confusion what they focus on. Action, explosions, and, of course,


Fully Working Transformer Remote Control Car

Kenji Ishida and Brave Robotics have created what kids and nerds have been dreaming about since the 80's and the debut of Transformers.


Honest Trailer Of Transformers 2007

Everyone knows that Michael Bay is a fantastic explosives and demolition specialists, but his actual movie directing skills could use


Just The Transforming Super Cut From Transformers 2007

Super cut specialist thecussingchannel just went viral with their latest Just The Gear Shifting montage from all the Fast & Furious films.


Transformers 3 Reuses Scene From The Island

Let's face it. People go to see movies like Transformers for the action and special effects. Sorry Michael Bay, but


Chevy Transformers 3 Super Bowl Commercial

The commercial starts out like a cheap, local car dealership commercial. A mascot bangs on a yellow Camaro, and, lo