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Giant 3D Face Hologram

This video by Vital Vegas is from last summer, but has only gone viral now with over 250,000 new hits! The clip


Camera Feedback Loop Is Mesmerizing

Anyone who has studied computers understands the concept of an infinite loop. One fun way to experiment with an infinite


Laser Cleaning Large Baking Trays Is Oddly Mesmerizing

Industrial company LaserAge is a premier supplier of commercial laser systems and accessories. As every cook and chef knows all too


2014 In One Minute Music Video Is The Trippiest Year In Review Video Out There

Now is the time when everyone is making year in review videos. Most are serious compilations of the year's most


Incredible Spinner Illusion Is Mesmerizing

Illusionist Brusspup is famous for his mind blowing optical illusions, and his latest project is no exception. He shows the camera what


Everyday Objects Dancing On Sound Is Mesmerizing

In simple terms, speakers project music with vibration. That's all it takes. BuzzFeed harnessed the power of a music speaker and


Amazing Animated Optical Illusions Are Trippy

Optical illusion master Bruss Pup can bring almost any two dimensional picture to life. As he has so many times in


Conan Season 4 Supercut Is Outrageous

Conan has made it an annual tradition to review the past year of his show in one outrageous super cut


Balls On Escalator Is Mesmerizing

This video by EN was not here was posted in 2012, but it has only gone viral now with over 200,000


Non-Newtonian Fluid In Slow Motion

A non-Newtonian liquid is a complex paste or slurry that isn’t quite a solid or a liquid. It can actually


Glow In The Dark Trick Shots Look Amazing

After years of churning out viral trick shot videos, it seemed that there was really nothing left. How many times


Most Mesmerizing Machines Will Hypnotize You

How It's Made is a very popular show by Science Channel. There's just something so mesmerizing by those giant machines creating