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Burning Cottonwood Seeds Is Trippy

Have you ever seen white, fluffy cotton-looking stuff on the ground by the grass? That's most likely cottonwood seed. If there's


Back To The Future Remix

Pogo, the YouTube famous musician most well known for his surprising hits made entirely from sampling popular movies, has finally


Spinning Clay Art Will Blow You Away

Russian artist KRUGOVOROT stuns viewers with his spinning clay pottery wheel art. With hypnotic music playing, he draws on a spinning clay


One Take Pharrell Mash Up Music Video Will Blow Your Mind

Popular indy-rock duo Pomplamoose has debuted another mind blowing music video recorded all in one take with no digital editing whatsoever.  They


Willy Wonka Remix Is The Only Thing Trippier Than The Film

Pogo is well known online for his impressive remixes of popular movies and TV shows. Using only the music, sounds, and


Trippy 3D Illusion Of Human Head Turning Will Blow Your Mind

This older video features a mind blowing illusion reportedly by artist Markus Raetz. As the 3D sculpture spins, a human head


Canyon Of Fire On The Sun Is Glorious

The official NASA YouTube channel published this awe-inspiring video of a solar eruption last month.  A 200,000 mile long magnetic filament


Welcome To Tokyo Music Video

Japanese band WORLD ORDER is known online for their unique and surreal dancing in their hit music videos. Their performance on


Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate BMX Biking

For two years, BMX biker Danny MacAskill has been working on this extreme sporting short film, titled Imaginate. Finally, Red Bull has just


Festival Of Colors 2013 Music Video

Naturally, popular vidoegrapher Devin Supertramp's latest video has instantly gone viral. With Scott & Brendo's  pumping, the Holi, or the Festival Of Colors


‘Forward’ Short Film – Man Walking Backwards Through Downtown In Reverse

Israeli artist Messe Kopp just published this new art video, titled Forward, and already it has begun to spread across the web. He


Walk Off The Earth Performs ‘Red Hands’ On Giant Guitar

A little over a year ago, Indy rock band Walk Off The Earth debuted their now world famous viral video