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Ultimate Door Bell Invention

Door bells have been around for years. And they haven't changed for about that long. After missing one too many


Ultimate History Of Rock Mash Up Music Video

Ever wonder what it would be like if Elvis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and so many classic rock stars had social media to


2016 Super Movie Trailer Mash Up

Are you excited for 2016 to finally get going? If you're a cinephile you probably are. There are countless upcoming


Ultimate Inspirational Movie Coach Super Speech

There's nothing like an inspirational speech to make your sports movie a total cliche. Every classic sports movie features at


The Ultimate Movie Phone Call Conversation

Since the dawn of Hollywood, motion pictures have included phone calls between the characters. It doesn't matter if it's a classic


The Ultimate Trickshot Rube Goldberg Machine Dunk

The Internet loves a good trick shot. It also loves a cool Rube Goldberg Machine. After a spontaneous day having fun


Ultimate Disney Movie Trailer Mash Up

The 1990's were a great time for animated Disney feature films. Some of their best projects were released then, such


Ultimate Commercial Jingle Mash Up

There's a reason why companies use simple jingles in their commercials. It works. Just a few tones is enough to


Summer Pop Medley 2014

Every summer is remembered by the pop songs that were shared online and played during the fairs, late night partying,


Ultimate 1001 Movies You Must See Compilation

Jonathan Keogh spent over a year to create this epic compilation of 1001 movies he believes everyone must see.  "I tried my


Ultimate Best Vines Of 2013 Compilation

As their name implies, Vine Compilations puts together the best short Twitter Vine videos so you don't have to search through the


Ultimate Fails Compilation 2013

It's been a long year of uplifting, inspiring, and touching viral videos.  But that doesn't mean viewers aren't still thirsty