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5 Tests To Prove Your Uniqueness

This little collage of physical anomalies that are rare among humans by Mind Warehouse already got over 700.000 views within


Singing 26 Music Genres In One Song Part 2

Back in 2013, singer Andrew Huang went viral with his song where he packed 26 music genres into one performance. That


Stop Motion Excel Music Video

Mystery Guitar Man is arguably one of the most popular musicians on YouTube today. For his latest project, he spent nearly


The Human Jukebox On The Streets Of New York

CDZA , the online musical group known for their out of this world musical adaptations, took to the streets of Brooklyn


One Direction Justin Bieber Mash Up ‘Sang’ With Just Laughter

In this video, Aussie cover band Masketta Fall performs a very special and unique mash up cover of One Direction and Justin


Five People Play Somebody That I Used To Know Cover On One Guitar

The Canadian Internet indy band Walk Of The Earth has surged into viral-dom after posting their unique cover of Gotye's Somebody That I