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disfigured baby can finally see mom

Disfigured Baby Sees Mom for the First Time

Disabled Baby Sees Mom for the First Time In this heartwarming video, this baby is born with a rare diseases

overjoyed mom about daughter's college acceptance

Mother Dances When Daughter Receives College Acceptance Letter

Mother Joyfully Celebrates When Daughter Receives College Acceptance Letter In this heartwarming and hilarious video, Promise tells her mom that


Hunting Sea Lion Herds School of Fish for a Feast

This sea lion was spotted herding a school of zebra fish near a dock at Port Lincoln in South Australia.


I Bet You Watch This Video Twice!

Watch it twice hell! I watched it at least 10 times. Awesome Viral Video About Planes! [rumble][/rumble]


Nerf Blaster Viral Videos | Summer Viral Videos

Check out this video of nerf blasters being used on a floating island. Nerf Blasters Viral Videos [embed][/embed]


YouTube’s 10th Anniversary Viral Video Mash Up

Back when YouTube was brand new, it was easy to keep track of the viral videos. It was a big


101 Of The Best YouTube Viral Videos From The Past 10 Years

It's seems like it was just yesterday that YouTube became a household name. Incredibly, this month marks the tenth anniversary for the world's


David After Dentist Double Rainbow Parody Movie Trailer

Jimmy Kimmel noticed that many of this year's biggest Oscar winning films were based on books. But we're in a new


Best Of Web 6

French mash up master Luc Bergeron, AKA Zapatou, is at it again. For those unaware, Luc has made a name for himself


Ultimate Cat Viral Videos Compilation

Cats are obviously a key part of the Internet. So it's a wonder there haven't been more cat compilations. Nevertheless,


The Worlds Of Viral Video – PBS Off Book

PBS Off Book tries their best to explain the Internet phenomenon that is the viral video. In its infant stage, viral


NAO Robot Covers Evolution Of Dance

Evolution Of Dance was of the first authentic YouTube viral videos, and still stands as one of the most viewed