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Off Beat Walmart Employee Cheer Fail

Most people know a job at Walmart isn't really something to be happy about, but don't tell that to Walmart…

Couple Gets Married At Walmart

Walmart sells almost every service and product under the sun, so it was only a matter of time before they…

British Teens Explore Walmart

Alex and Liam are two everyday British teens who visited Los Angeles. There's so much to do in the city…

Jesus Appears On Walmart Receipt

Every now and then, some people come forward claiming to see a real image of a deity in their lives. A…

Man In Tractor Crashing Rampage At Walmart Parking Lot

 For a good five minutes, a crazy man drives around a Walmart parking lot in a huge tractor. He smashes…

Nonsense At Walmart

First, our master troll went to the parking lot to spew nonsense at innocent bystanders. Now he's in the Walmart.…

Guy Blames Fake Farts On Shoppers At Walmart

To get the attention of his 'victims', the man armed with a fake farter and cellphone goes close to shoppers…



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