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Unibrow Discrimination Social Experiment

As a kid, Mark Rober--who is viral video famous for his road kill experiment--grew a seriously rocking unibrow. But through high school…



LOL – Typical Walmart Shoppers

Walmart Employees Throwing iPads

Walmart already has a negative stigma attached to the world famous brand, so a video like this around the holiday…

Stampeding Horde Fights Over Cell Phones At Walmart Black Friday 2012

This is one of those videos that there are countless copies of, but no one is sure who the original…

Jewel Performs The Walmart Song FAIL

Walmart has been a permanent running joke on the Internet for a while now, especially after the PeopleOfWalmart website, which mocks Walmart…


Trolling walmart


Mass Flash Mob Robbery At Jacksonville, Florida Walmart

Social media based flash mobs have become more and more prevalent as technology progresses, but there is a trend of…

Holiday Shopping List Prank Part 2

The first Holiday Shopping List Prank was such a success and was so popular, the Internet demanded more. Thankfully, the…

Black Friday Chaotic Mob At California Walmart

Each Black Friday, one video sticks out as the one that speaks for them all. This video of the absolute…

People Of Walmart 2 Music Video

The People Of Walmart song was a huge hit, and instant viral video back in May. Now, Jessica Frech is back again…



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