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Old Technology Performs We Are Young By Fun

Remember when retro-techy BD594 went viralviral with their Somebody That I Used To Know cover using old computer technology? Now, that parody video


Hungry High School Students Protest New Lunch Program In We Are Young Parody Music Video

It seems the more the federal government tampers with schools, the more issues arise. For years, parents and teachers have


Forty YouTubers Covering We Are Young Mash Up

With nearly an endless library of cover songs available at their finger tips,  shuffled through YouTube to find the best covers


We Are Young A Cappella Cover By Pentatonix

Popular a cappella group PentaTonix is back again with another knock out pop song cover. They took on the hit single


iPhone Typography Music Video

Popular YouTuber musician MysteryGuitarMan only publishes popular hits, but hit latest iPhone cover of We Are Young has gone especially viralviral, and is featured


We’re Not Young Yahoo Parody

Yahoo has gone viral with their latest spoof of Fun's hit single, We Are Young. Instead of being cute and


We Are Young A Cappella Cover

Singer and producer Mike Tompkins is a YouTube favorite, so it's no surprise his latest cover music video has gone viral, and is


Tonight, We Are Young Cover

Popular online singer Sam Tsui returns with musician and composer KurtHugoSchneider to perform this epic cover of the Fun hit We Are Young. As