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Bill Nye Bets Weatherman $20,000 The World Is Warming, Not Cooling

In case you missed it, bodybuilder and meteorologist Joe Bastardi challenged one of the Internet's favorite personalities, Bill Nye The Science Guy, to prove there


Flavor Flav Does Salt Lake City’s Weather Forecast

It's been a long time since rapper Flavor Flav was in the headlines. But thanks to Fox 13, the older hip hop


Weatherman Perfectly Pronounces “Llanfairpwllgwyngyll-gogerychwyrndrobw-llllantysiliogogogoch”

Most Americans think that England is a little funny. They call the bathroom the 'loo' and french fries are called


Big Flying Bug Scares Reporter

Have you ever been scared by a flying bug only for your friends to laugh at you? Well imagine how


Weather Report Is Interrupted By Earthquake

KTVU's weatherman Steve Paulson was giving his usual weather forecast Monday morning at 6:49 AM when suddenly the entire room began to


Meteorologist Finds Hanger In His Suit On The Air

Most of us get dressed without even thinking about. We're half asleep, but we all manage to put the shoe


Weatherman Freaks Out Over ‘Thundersnow’

Thunderstorms are a common occurrence during the rainy season. Lightning and roaring thunder is always a stunning scene that can make the hair


Phoenix Weatherman Rolls With Outrageous Weather Map Malfunctions

Even though it's winter time, the Phoenix area in Arizona is still enjoying modestly warm weather in the 60's. That's


Weather Report Falls Apart When Weatherman Brings Dog On The Air

It may have originally seemed like a good idea during prep work. The producers must have thought it would be


Weatherman Report In The Elevator Prank

Chit chatting about the weather during a short elevator ride is a common tactic used by many to help reduce


The Rapping Weatherman ‘Make It Rain’ Weather Report

Nick Kosir is famous online as the one and only rapping weatherman. After a too long hiatus, he has returned to


Rapping Weatherman Stars In iPhone Puzzle Music Video Forecast

Remember The Rapping Weatherman who went viral back in 2009? Well, he's back with a video more fit for 2012.