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Official Time Lapse One World Trade Center Being Built

The brand new World Trade Center built to replace the Twins Towers that were destroyed on September 11, 2001 began


Daredevils Base Jumps Off Of World Trade Center Freedom Tower

Daredevils James Brady, Andrew Rossig and Marko Markovich secretly climbed the World Trade Center Freedom Tower in New York City at


Complete One World Trade Center Time Lapse 2004-2013

It's been nine long years, but finally, Earth Cam is proud to post this final commemorative time-lapse movie of One World Trade Center


One World Trade Center Time-Lapse

In honor of the anniversary of 9/11, Earth Cam published this commemorative time-lapse of the building of One World Trade Center. The building began


One World Trade Center Time Lapse 2004-2012

The Freedom Tower, also technically known as One World Trade Center, just surpassed every other skyscraper in New York City, a


NEW VIDEO – NYC Firemen Testify On 9/11: There Were Secondary Explosions

New York Firefighter heroes state what many others have claimed. There were secondary explosions in the World Trade Centers before


World Trade Center 7 Before Collapse 9/11/01

Here is news footage from New York CBS local news channel 2. The skeptics ask why WTC 7 fell when no