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Epic One Man Band Playing Rush

Dominic Fragman shows the world that he can play drums, guitar and sing - simultaneously! This epic performance already got


Woman Limbos Under Car

To quote famous philosopher Lil Jon: get low, get low, get low, get low... "This woman stood next to a


WIN Compilation February 2017

Another round of awesomeness, put together by Martin and me. 50 epic videos in one, that gives you the best


Daniel Bodin Lands Huge Double Backflip On A Snowmobile

Wow! Swedish freestyle rider Daniel Bodin has done the first ever double backflip on a snowmobile. Red Bull supported and


1000 Musicians Cover Smells Like Teen Spirit Together

Another epic cover by the project Rockin' 1000, where 1000 musicians altogether perform "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana in


Rapping For 90 Seconds Straight… Without Breathing

As if the fast rapping of Mac Lethal wouldn't be incredible enough - now he does it without breathing. Nearly...


Epic Juggling Trick Shots

The team of Kuma Films visited the annual SkillCon convention in Las Vegas to gather some impressive footage of 18


Sick Skateboard Trick By Luan Oliveira

Skateboarding pro Luan Oliveira uploaded this tiny bit of a future video edit, showing him make a huge trick on


Epic DIY Robocop ED-209 Costume

This thing is huge! Indy Mogul uploaded this behind the scenes video showing an epic build of a Robocop costume.


Epic Raptor Puppet Lets You Wish It’d Be Real

Wow, this is epic! barnabydixon presents us his little finger puppet that lets you believe, he would play with a


200,000 Sparklers Burnin At The Same Time

After the 10,000 sparklers burning a few weeks ago, we take this amount and multiply it with 20 to get


Bunny Playing Jenga

This bunny called Simba seems to be a better player at Jenga than me. He successfully removes a stone without