, or the marketers they hired, have finally learned that people online are sick of conventional video commercials. If you want to capture the attention of viewers, you have to have them fully engaged. Only then can your campaign go viral. 

And it seems Hampton struck viralviral gold with their latest video, simply titled ‘TJ Elevator Fan: Elevated Hamptonality.’

TJ, The Elevator Fan, naturally loves elevators. He also has cerebral palsy. Ever since he was little he’s simply loved riding elevators, and now travels the country with his parents checking our different hotels and elevators.

So when TJ checked into the Hampton inn in Ashville, North Carolina, the manager knew she had to do something special for their honorary guest. 

The next morning, TJ was invited to the Hampton team morning meeting, and then they all crammed into an the elevator for a ride. It was a small gesture that left everyone with a special feeling. 

Already, the new video has over 50,000 hits, and is further featured on TheDailyWhat and Mashable