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Audi Presidential Debate Commercial “Duel” is awesome

I haven't seen last night's debate, but this commercial run by German car brand Audi shown in a break is


Audi Automatically Drives In Stop And Go Traffic

Look Ma, no hands! Literally! One of the worst parts of commuting is getting stuck in slow, stop and go


Audi Voice Controls Can’t Understand Norwegian Guy’s Accent

Today's brand new Audis are packed with technology and voice controls. The problem is, you have to have a proper


Audi 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Doberhuahua

What if you mixed a Doberman with a Chihuahua?  According to this 2014 Superbowl commercial by Audi, you just might end


Biggest Price Is Right Winner Wins Audi R8 Spyder Sports Car

As a part of their Best Of 2013, The Price Is Right merged Big Money Week and Dream Car Week to


Zachary Quinto VS Leonard Nimoy Audi Commercial

Ingeniously, Audi of America has recruited original Spock actor Leonard Nimoy from the original Star Trek series and Zachary Quinto who acts as Spock


Audi Paintball Duel

The AudiChannel has quietly published this new video as unlisted, yet the word it out. Already, it has garnered over 175,000 views.


Audi Prom Superbowl Commercial 2013

As this is the week before the big game, many advertisers have begun their dump of Superbowl commercials online for


Audi Automatically Drives Into Parking Garage And Perpendicular Parks

While so many other car makers are working diligently to program their vehicles to 'self-parallel park,' Audi has quietly been


Audi Vampire Super Bowl 2012 Commercial

Like so many others, Audi has finally jumped onto the vampire bandwagon, even if they are a couple years late.


Audi Copies Chrysler 200 Eminem Commercial

One of the most viral Super Bowl commercials of 2011 was the Chrysler 200 Eminem themed commercial. Germany is taking


Audi Luxury Prison Break Super Bowl 2011 Commercial

Now this is a jail I wouldn't mind being stuck in. The bars are made of gold, and the 'inmates'