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Ultimate Bullet Time Flow Motion Effects Created With 130 Smartphone Array At The Beach

As more and more powerful camera-equipped smartphones continue to fall in price, once impossible special effects can now be reproduced


Bullet Time Fire Breathing With GoPro Array

This new video by Tyler Johnson puts The Matrix's bullet time special effects to shame. Using his own homemade camera array out


Dogs Playing Fetch Matrix Style

Popular videographer Devin Supertramp teamed up with Orapup to commission this fun and visually pleasing pet video.  He and his crew took the art


Bullet Times Fireworks With GoPro

Happy Independence Day! To celebrate properly, Jeremiah made his own bullet time-style video using GoPro cameras inspired by The Matrix. Of course,


Kenichi Ebina Performs Matrix-Style Robot Dance On America’s Got Talent

Dancers are a dime a dozen on talent shows such as America's Got Talent. But few are as unique as Kenichi


Homemade Matrix Bullet Time Scene

The 'bullet time' scene in The Matrix is no doubt one of the most popular scenes in the film. Ever


Homemade GoPro Camera Array Creates Stunning Matrix-Style ‘Bullet Time’ Visuals

When The Matrix debuted back in 1999, the stunning visuals--commonly referred to as 'bullet time' special effects--blew the world away. Their state


Surfing Recorded In Slow Motion, Matrix Style Bullet Time

This is what the 'Matrix Bullet Time' camera technology was made for. That cool effect of going around someone in