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Taking Money From A Dropped Wallet Social Experiment

For his latest social experiment, renown online magician and prankster Stuart Edge allied with equally prominent Internet jester Andrew Hales.  The two


Picking Up Girls In A Fat Suit Social Experiment

You've most likely heard it before, but Simple Pickup went out to actually prove it. Girls aren't necessarily attracted to money, or


Using Siri To Get A Date

We all know how helpful the iPhone's Siri is, but can it really help you get a date? The Internet's favorite


Cheesy Magic Pick Up Lines

Magician  combined cheesy pick up lines with equally cheesy magic tricks for his latest video which is now trending.  For one


Instantly Changing T-Shirt Color To Pink For A Kiss Magic Trick

Stuart Edge and  teamed up to pull off a new trick from Penguin Magic. After affirming with girls on campus that a


Cheesy Pick Up Lines On Campus

Who would have thought that the secret to a girl's heart is to just drop some seriously cheesy pick up


Police Confiscate Two Pound Joint At University Of California Santa Cruz On 420

For those no longer in high school or college, the unofficial green holiday of 4-20 was celebrated across college campuses


Offering Random, Weird Compliments To Strangers Prank

Most socially aware people know what it's like to be hit on. After hearing the same four over-used pick up


Magic Kissing Card Trick

Magician Stuart Edge has a great technique for getting a quick kiss from a girl. Use magic. He follows a genius magic


Getting A Girl’s Number Without Talking

The pranksters at Whatever have come up with another out-of-the-box move to get a girl's number on campus. Just bite your


How To Get Any Girl’s Phone Number

How to get a girl's number? It's the question on the mind of so many teenagers. Luke and his buddies


Asking Girls Can You Put Your Number In My Phone

Online Russian prankster VitalyzdTv teamed up with LAHWF for the idea for his latest prank. He simply walked around the BYU campus wearing cool