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Explosion Turns Man Into A Human Fireball

Explosion Turns Man Into A Human Fireball A bad car accident was caught on camera on an icy road. This


Car Sandwiched Between Semi and Concrete Barrier

Car Trapped Between Semi Truck and Concrete Barrier Car accidents are very common these days, but even though we hear


Train Splits an 18 Wheeler in Half

If you think you are having a bad day, at least you (most likely) aren't this truck driver. He somehow


Reporter Almost Hit By Car Crash On Live TV

Local news reporters are often sent out to the scene of where ever the story they are covering took place. That


Race Car Driver Austin Dillon Walks Away From Fiery Car Crash

Most of the excitement at a NASCAR race is sadly when there is an accident. Towards the end of the Coke Zero 400


Old Man Backs Out Of His Garage With Door Closed

Walter Thomas is 91 years old and when asked could only think of thing he would want to do to fulfill


Bugatti Backing Up Into A Ferrari May Be The Most Expensive Fender Bender Ever

There are cars and luxury cars. And then there are super luxury cars, such as Ferrari and Bugatti. At a


Wyoming Pileup In April Looks Like The Apocalypse

Most of the country is enjoying the warmer spring air, but Wyoming was just hit before the weekend by a


Guy Records Himself Bouncing Around During Car Crash

Daryl Peterson was going for a drive when he was in a three car accident. He stopped to make a left


Dramatic Footage Shows The Moment Airbags Go Off In Car Accident

Cristian was on his way to school in his Honda S2000 when he was approaching a yellow light. He had enough


Giant Car Pile-Up On Michigan Highway Is Out The Apocalypse

Over the weekend, the Midwest was hit with its first serious snow storm. Sadly, it seems people were not ready


Motorcyclist Frees Woman From Overturned Car

Biker Rhino was on his way home on the San Diego 163 when he noticed traffic becoming backed up. He swerved in