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Actors Who Refused Game Of Thrones Roles

Looper got over 800,000 views on this compilation and explaination of actors, who sadly didn't experience playing a role in


All-New ‘DuckTales’ Cast Sings Original Theme Song

Seeing this incredible cast it is kind of a shame that the upcoming new version of th "DuckTales" won't be

“Stranger Things'” Eleven demonstrates her mind powers to Colbert

Did you see "Stranger Things"? It is really good and especially Millie Bobby Brown does play a pretty awesome part


Boy Makes Doctor Laugh After Having Cast Removed

Having a cast removed after healing a broken bone is one of the most satisfying experiences. After all those weeks


Rapping Doctor Explains How To Take Care Of Foot Cast To Girl

This little girl broke her foot and sadly had to get a cast. To cheer her up, her doctor didn't