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Cat Doesn’t Like Singing

During a relaxing bath one might sing a song or two, but in this household such things are not appreciated.…

Cat Playing With Rhino

It's not a joke, any animal can become friends with any other animal, under the right circumstances. And let's pretend…

Wanna Trade Dog Beds?

We all know the "if I fits, I sits" meme, but that's usually associated with cats. Did you know dogs…

Kitten Needs Constant Attention

Cats can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When they are the former, be prepared to smother them…

Scared Cat Is Pretty Scared

This cat's eyes can't get any bigger, as it stared furiously at some kind of blanket(?). I sure hope the…

Romantic Dinner With Your Cat

This is how it's done! [embed][/embed]

Maru The Baker Cat

Let me create some delicious bread for ya'. [embed][/embed]

Cat In A Box

Jack in a box but a little different. [embed][/embed]

Polite French Animals

Cat and bird know how to role-play. The French accents really crack me up! [embed][/embed]

Every Cat Owner Worldwide

Just admit it, you've all done this. [embed][/embed]

My Sweet Jax

A very loving and touching tribute to a cat. [embed][/embed]

A Very Persistent Brat

Cat is not here to mess around, she means business. [embed][/embed]


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