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Cat Takes A Bath Like A Sir

The most zen cat you'll ever see. [embed][/embed]

You Can Argue For Days About This Image

What exactly is this cat trying to say??! [embed][/embed]

Robot Spiders Are Just As Scary As The Real Deal

At least that's the case for this terrified cat. [embed][/embed]

A Cat’s Favorite Place To Chill

This is Scarlett and she loves to chill on her owners head. [embed][/embed]

Cats Know Traffic Rules Too These Days

It's just a matter of time before they take over the world. [embed][/embed]

Whom? Me?

Whom else recognises this?

Why Do Cats Love Trees So Much?

Cats are notorious for their grumpiness, but how come they always brighten up when a tree is near? [embed][/embed]

Kittens Swim Up To Fisherman’s Boat Looking For Help

I mean, you'd have to have no heart to not help these poor kitties. [embed][/embed]

I’m The Boss Around Here

Hi, sorry, but uhhh, you're in my bag. WHAM.

The Vlogging Cat

As entertaining as human vloggers are annoying. [embed][/embed]

Know Your Place

I am your captain now.

Your Cat Knows

And it probably doesn't care anyway.


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