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Guy Digitally Insert His Dog Into Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park? More like Jurassic Bark! YouTuber Alienufosarereal has just made the Spielberg 90's dinosaur movie better by digitally inserting his dog


Pinnipeds Cartoon Will Make You Smile

French animator Victor Caire has gone viral with this adorable computer animated short, simply titled Pinnipèdes, or Pinnipeds in English. Pinniped is just a


Johnny Express Short Animated Film

This adorable short film was written, directed and animated by only one person, Kyungmin Woo, but it seems to be on


Action Movie Kid Plays Catch With Kevin Frazier

Action Movie Kid, the adorable kid with the awesome computer-editing dad, is only growing in popularity online. His latest video


Baby Spiderman Commercial Is The Cutest

Evian is well known online for their adorable CGI baby videos. Their most recent video from last summer has over 74


Unbelievable Bus Stop Adds Amazing Special Effects To Real Life

To promote their product, Pepsi Max UK modified a busy bus stop in England like never before. One glass wall was


Baseball Smashing Cake Trick Will Blow Your Mind

Special effects masters Tumba Ping Pong Show only need 20 seconds to blow your mind.  In their latest piece, a pitcher


Impossibly Awesome Trick Shots

The Web's most famous trick shot masters Dude Perfect teamed up with RocketJump, one of YouTube's best special effects studios.  Together,


Knife Guyz Pull Off Daring Knife Throwing Tricks

Freddie Wong of Rocket Jump and his friends daringly pull off impressive knife throwing stunts in this new video. Apparently nobody told them


Epic Star Fox Battle Takes Place On Earth

What happens when the Star Wolf Team decides to take the space battle down to Earth? Star Fox and his crew go


‘Mario Seinfeld’ Is A Nerdy Nintendo Parody About Nothing

This new parody by gamer channel Esquire Bob Animations mashes two unlikely 1990's fan favorites together: Seinfeld and Super Mario Brothers. The


Incredibly Realistic CGI Eyeball Will Blow Your Mind

This short video by artist Chris Jones, titled Eye Piece, seems to just be an extreme close up of a woman's eye.  But