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Darth Baby Gets His Hands On Lightsaber

All properly trained Jedi know to lock up their lightsabers when not in use. But sadly, someone left the lightsaber


Prop Weapons War

Let's face it. Even the most grown up of viewers can't help but imagine using a phaser from Star Trek,


Kitten Slides Down Slide Into Fake CGI Fire Pit

This short yet sweet video was actually published by shapiro127 at the end of 2010, but it has experienced a second surge of


Theoretical Fan Made Apple iWatch First Look Commercial

The rumors and whispers about Apple's new iWatch product have taken the tech world by storm. Everyone is anxious to


First Person Super Mario: Last Level Fighting Bowser

Freddie W first went viralviral with his First Person Mario video way back in 2011. That video currently stands with over 18.5


Kittens On The Beat Action Music Video

The crazy action and visual effects masters at Corridor Digital have instantly gone viralviral with their new Kittens On The Beat video that has


Minecraft Monsters Attack In Real Life

Gamer focused digital studio Rizenvisua is just as obsessed with the ultra popular Minecraft game as everyone else. For their latest video,


The Glitch Short Video Game Film

Back in the day, glitches were a common part of video games. It was almost like an extra bonus game


Ted on Jimmy Kimmel Live

To promote the release of his new movie Ted on DVD and Blu-ray, Seth MacFarlane made a very special visit to Jimmy Kimmel


Can Of Coca Cola Fighting Through Hordes Of Pepsi CGI Commercial

 created this very unofficial and very amazing CGI Coca Cola commercial a month ago, and it already stand with over 80,000


Chalk Warfare 2

After the great viral success of the first Chalk Warfare, the special effects artists at SoKrispyMedia went straight back to work. Now,


Roller Coaster Tycoon In Real Life

If you're a strategy gamer, odd are you played Roller Coaster Tycoon, an industry favorite. But everyone seems to fall