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Superman VS The Hulk Part 3

The Hulk and Superman have been battling since 2011 in eye-popping CGI shorts created by 3D animator Mike Habjan.  Together, his


Astronauts Attacked By Monster On The Moon Beans Commercial

Computer animation studio Cinesite has gone viral with this humorous mock commercial for beans.  A crew of astronauts on the moon are


Realistic Disney Animation Of Snow

Disney isn't just famous for their award winning music and iconic characters. For years, they have been at the forefront


Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept Animation

NASA has some seriously ambitious plans in case an asteroid ever flies by Earth. Instead of publishing long, boring reports the


King Of The Hill 3D Intro

A few months ago, hotdiggedydemon set out to learn 3D animation using the Maya software. His personal mission was to recreate


Brain Divided Animated Short Film

We all must balance the analytical and emotional parts of our brain, especially when dealing with the opposite gender. Josiah


Superhero Depression

The life of a superhero may seem glamorous, but that's the fault of the media. Most of the time, superheros


Britney Spears Ooh La La Smurfs Music Video

Naturally, a new music video debut from Britney Spears is bound to go viral. Her music video Ooh La La features CGI Smurfs


Guitar Warfare

Tom Ska recruited YouTube famous Freddie W, and his buddies Rob Scallon and Jenny Bingham to star in Guitar Warfare. While going for a stroll Tom


Dancing Baby Reflections Evian Commercial

It was over three years ago when Evian published their famous, viralviral babies roller skating commercial which now stands with over 64 million


10,000 iPhones Domino Set Commercial

The iPhone has obviously lost a little of its original luster. The once seemingly magical device is now as ubiquitous as the


Blood Dragon: The Cyber War Live Action Short Film

NSFW Warning - Content The hype online surrounding the upcoming  expansion pack for the ultra popular open world, first person