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RUIN – Computer Animated Post Apocalyptic Short Film

With all of our technology, will mankind finally come to peace and prosperity for the entire world? Or will we


Star Wars In Copenhagen Toys R Us Commercial

When they say that Star Wars has come to Copenhagen, Denmark in this Toys R Us commercial, they mean it.


UFO Landing In New Mexico

Every now and then, a new UFO themed video surfaces. This latest one is only a week old, and already


Carnival Rides Floating In Buenos Aires

This new video published over the weekend by Black Sheep Films already has over 400,00 views. With amazing editing skills and special


Animated Starry Night

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is staple of piece of 20th century art. Since 1941, it has had a permanent


Psycho Siri – iPhone Themed Short Horror Film

The CGI experts at Andrewm Films created this viral Apple themed short horror film, which has been viewed more than 500,000 times


CGI Magic Card Trick In Times Square

A Times Square magician performs a very cool and very fake magic trick in front of a staged audience. After


Stop Motion CGI Art

BURAYAN released this brand new video that already has more than 100,000 hits. The piece is a short stop motion style


Computer Animation Of New Mars Curiosity Rover

The NASA space rocket which is carrying the new Mars Curiosity Rover has just launched, and will travel for almost


Nissan Leaf Race Ends With A Surprise

I'll be honest. I consider myself a big nerd. I'm into cars and video games, and even I couldn't tell


RC Helicopter Turns Into Transformer

Two Royal Netherlands Air Forcemen took one of those new mini remote control helicopters for a spin on some down


Strange Animated CGI Man Waving Arms Like Crazy

David Lewandowski directed this disturbing and bizarre short of a computer animated naked man walking through the city. It's oddly going extremely