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Downloadable Content In Video Games Is Getting Out Of Control

It used to be when you purchased a video game cartridge, that was it. There were no patches or downloadable


Special Effects Added To Goal Celebration

Scoring a goal in soccer isn't just a simple and constant event like in basketball. In some games, there's only


Chalk Warfare

Special effects and action channel SoKrispyMedia's latest video features a gun battle where attackers use chalk to draw and 'create' their weapons.


Two Guys Hunt For Real Pikachu

Sketch comedy group FinalCutKing went on the hunt for a real Pikachu Pokemon. You know, the famous yellow mouse ones? With the


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Trailer

CALL OF DUTY's latest commercial has been an outstanding success! The week old commercial for the new Call Of Duty:


Cats In Space – Short Stark Trek With Cats Parody

What could every space exploration movie or TV show use more of? Cats, of course!  Dastoli Digital made this exciting and


Blow Out Sale Short Film

Thanks to Danny Pudi's Community stardom, his 2010 short film Blow Out Sale created along with Timothy Kendall and Chris Marrs has resurfaced


Video Games Represented As Planets

Computer animation artist Thijlkema took twenty popular video games, and represented them as their own planet in this CGI viral video that


Jedi Grandma

CGI artist AndrewMFilms has returned to web with his latest video, Jedi Grandma. When granny tells you to turn down the music,


CGI Of How Titanic Sank By James Cameron

The NationalGeographic teamed up with world famous director and screenwriter James Cameron to bring a new Titanic special. In this sneak


Macbook Touch – Macbook iPad Hybrid Concept

Oliver Terrisse has gone viral with his impressive 'Macbook Touch' concept video. The viral video that's been viewed more than 100,000 in


Hotel Transylvania Trailer

Sony Pictures brings us their latest CGI animated feature film, Hotel Transylvania. Famous voices, such as Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Kevin