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Mexican Coke Vs American Coke

Serious Coke drinkers know that what they are drinking isn't the 'real' thing. Back in the 1980's, Coca-Cola substituted cane


Different Ways To Recycle A Coca-Cola Bottle

Plastic bottles are very convenient, but they have become a serious problem for Mother Nature. To help combat plastic bottle


Boiling Coca-Cola Has Gross Results

Countless people drink a soda or two a day. There's no arguing it's delicious, but do you even realize what


Coca-Cola Introduces Friendly Twist Caps To Promote Friendship

The first day at college is always difficult. Often, students enter the university world not knowing a soul. To help


Americans Try Coke For The First Time

Can you believe it? Apparently, there are actual Americans who have never tasted Coca-Cola! How is that possible? Somehow, BuzzFeed found four


Coke Metos Trick Goes To Next Level With Nutella And Durex

The spraying Coke-Mentos meme is nearly as old as YouTube itself. Italian YouTuber Magic Mille has taken the gag to the next


Coca-Cola Adds Soda ‘Slurpers’ To Movie Trailer To Remind Viewers To Be Quiet

Coca-Cola wants to remind moviegoers to be quiet during the film, and not to slurp their Cokes. The movie just isn't


Coca-Cola Social Media Guard Parody Commercial

We all love social media. But let's face it. Most of us are more than addicted to our favorite social


Coca-Cola’s Multi-Language America The Beautiful Super Bowl Commercial

This Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial has instantly gone viral. The ad features America The Beautiful being sung in multiple languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog, and


Coke Cans Being Smothered By Flowing Lava Is Oddly Mesmerizing

Artist and volcano enthusiast LavaPix may have inadvertently created a genius commercial for Coke with his latest piece. At an undisclosed volcano,


3D Drawing Of Coca Cola Can Looks Impossibly Real

Thirsty for an ice cold Coke? Well don't look here! This perfectly delicious slim Coke can is actually an impossible


Coca Cola Ice Cube Trick Shots

Trick shot videos are a dime a dozen online. Nearly every sport has a viral trick shot video where a