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Coca Cola Vending Machine Opens Into Christmas Winter Wonderland

Coke commercials always have a special magic about them, and one might wonder if they have fairies and happy elves


Coke Bottle Trumpet

Talk about going green. In Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Mexico, the sister city to El Paso, Texas, a Mexican man made a


Man Records Himself Drinking Coke Around The World

Duane had dreams to see the world, so when turn 29 he stopped everything and traveled the world carefree. He


Huge Coca Cola Friendship Machine

The Coca Cola Friendship Machine is simple. It's a double size Coke vending machine that is so big and tall,


Coca Cola Coke Happy Truck Commercial

The Coca Cola company truly is the king of marketing/propaganda. There is Coke in villages that don't have running water.


Coca Cola Fire Breathing Dragon Super Bowl 2011 Commercial

In a World Of Warcraft style universe an epic battle is about to begin. The Orcish monsters come to the


Coca Cola Guarding Borders 2011 Super Bowl Commercial

Coca Cola usually goes for the emotional, not the funny. They strike gold in this video with no speaking. Two


Frozen Coke, Self Freezing Coke From Hong Kong

Everyone talks about how China is ahead of America, well now it's official. They have cooler junk food than us.


Pepsi Max Snoop Dogg Commercial, Pepsi Max VS Coke Zero

Pepsi has a battle between Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. Two diet drinks that use different chemicals than regular diet


Cute Baby Raccoon Drinks Coca Cola Coke

Once this little dude is happily drinking, he's not afraid to be close to a person. The raccoon is a


Coca-Cola Hapiness Machine – London

Coke maybe an evil corporate empire that steals water from third world countries, and helps the obesity rate in the