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Make Instant Ice And Slurpee With Ice Bending

Grant Thompson of The King Of Random explains the popular web trick of ice bending. Simply freeze bottles of purified water in your


Special Coca-Cola Machines Connect India And Pakistan

The relationship between India and Pakistan has been tense for decades. As a part of their global happiness campaign, Coca


Stop Coca-Cola Trashing Australia Commercial

There's no question that plastic bottles are a huge environmental issue. But many people don't realize just how serious the


Special Filter Seperates The Cola And Coloring Out Of Coca-Cola

Asian Rocket News has gone viralviral over the weekend with this special video report. They claim to have discovered a specially


The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial Parody

By now, you've probably seen Coca-Cola's latest propaganda campaign. Titled Coming Together, the commercial discusses how important the Coca-Cola company is


SodaStream Unaired Coke VS Pepsi Superbowl Commercial Banned By CBS

Soda Stream is the new at-home water carbonation soda maker system that is taking the soft drink industry by storm. For the Superbowl


Can Of Coca Cola Fighting Through Hordes Of Pepsi CGI Commercial

 created this very unofficial and very amazing CGI Coca Cola commercial a month ago, and it already stand with over 80,000


Coke Zero Unlock The 007 In You Challenge

In honor of the new James Bond film, Coke Zero teamed up with the movie studios to set up a unique


Korean Coke Machine Prompts Passersby To Dance For Free Soda

Coca-Cola's international Open Happiness campaign has resulted in plenty of popular online videos. The latest to trend is from South


Coca Cola Security Cameras Commercial

Published just a week ago, this video already has over three million views. That makes sense once it's understood that


‘Hug Me’ Coke Vending Machine Actually Vends Free Coca-Cola When Hugged

Coca-Cola is one of the world's greatest marketers. Their drinks are in countries where running water, electricity, and proper sanitation


Mean Joe Greene Downy Super Bowl Commercial Parodies 1980’s Coke Commercial

Coca Cola has always had iconic marketing. One of their most famous commercials is the Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial