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Charged With Attempted Clumsiness

Robber runs away as fast as he can after his crime.


Passerby Records The Two Dumbest Mall Robbers Ever In Sweden

What would you do if you saw two masked men ride a motorcycle into the mall and then break into


11-year-old Protects His Home Against Intruder

The idea of an intruder breaking in is terrifying from everyone, especially if you're an eleven year old. But WVTM 13


Pranking Criminals With A Bait Smartphone With An Electrical Shocker Built In

Ever see the law enforcement reality show Bait Car? To catch would be car jackers, cops will often leave a


Dash Cam Records As Cab Driver Is Mugged With Police Car Right Behind

Getting mugged is a nightmare everyone is afraid of. But of all professions, cab drivers are especially in danger of


Taco Shop Posts Security Video Of Two Late Night Burglars ‘Looking For Tacos’

Sometimes you just get a craving for tacos at 3:30 in the morning. But what do you do when your favorite


Tiny Dog Scares Away Burglar

Most people say you should get a big dog to protect the home and scare away any would-be burglars. But


Man Catches Older Women Stealing His Stuff At The Beach

Flicky Rich was at the beach in New Smyrna Beach, Florida on July 4th when his holiday weekend was interrupted by two


SUV Thief Goes On Car Crash Hit-And-Run Rampage After Rear Ending Cab In Chicago

Apparently this criminal learned all he knows from Grand Theft Auto. After rear ending a cab on Belmont Avenue in Chicago,


Brazilian Convenience Store Robber Is Literally Thrown Out Window

This security camera video posted by danossecom originated in Brazil, but has gone viral in the English speaking web as well. The


Bumbling Burglary Suspect Caught On Gas Station Security Camera

Redding News published this CCTV video clip nearly a week ago, and already it has garnered over 3 million views. The


Hidden Camera Shows How Thief Steals Cell Phone On Subway

Public transportation around the world often warns people from using their cellphones openly, as they are magnets for thieves. This