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Drone Racing Looks As Cool As It Sounds

Only a few years ago, people laughed at the idea that playing video games competitively could be considered a sport.


New Year’s Fireworks Over Lima, Peru Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Every New Year, there are a couple videos showcasing New Year's fireworks shows that stand out from the crowd. This


Japanese Police Drone Captures Nearby Drones Using Net

If you weren't sure that we are living in the future, here is concrete proof. Most developed countries are now dealing


Amazon Prime Air Commercial

After teasing the Internet before, Amazon has finally debuted their official Prime Air program. That's right. Now, depending on your location and the


Moose Meets Drone In Norway

Norwegian drone enthusiast Kolbjørn Hoseth Larssen was flying his camera equipped drone around the vast wilderness in his home country when he stumbled


Fisherman Catches Fish With Drone

Fishing is one of the oldest ways we humans found something to delicious to eat. But we're in the 21st century


Man Builds His Own Flying Helicopter With Matrix Of Drone

Now that flying quadrotors, often referred to as drones, have dropped so significantly in price, nerds and inventors are able


Drone Records Sharks Swimming Dangerously Close To Surfers

Dustmeoff12 was by the water in Pismo Beach, California when he decided to take his brand new drone for a spin. He thought


Eagle Takes Down Drone Mid-Flight

There's been a lot of talk about the loss of privacy thanks to new camera-equipped drones that have dropped significantly in


Fisherman Catches Drone With Perfect Cast

Now that drones have dropped so significantly in price, any nerd with a couple of bucks can get one. As


Nerd Rescues His Lost Drone With Another Drone

It was only a few years ago when quadrocopters, or drones as people like to call them now, were very


Beautiful Aerial Wedding Shot Ends With A Bang

Photographer Zacks Jerry Rig was filming one of his best shots during a wedding. The bride and groom were embracing and dancing