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Drone Footage Of Texas Floods Will Shock You

While California tries to cope with one of the worst recorded droughts in the state's history, much of Texas and


Homeowner Shoots Drone Spying On His Property

Larry Breaux is trying to make an organic lemon business and put a sign on his property to spread the


Guys Attach Fireworks To Quadrocopter To Make It An Attack Drone

Attack drones bombing terrorists in the Middle East have been the in the news recently. That got Andy Stewart and his buddies


Camera Equipped Quadrocopter Follows You Around

Back in the day, only big studios could record glorious video from the air using expensive camera equipment. But today,


Guy Catches His Dying Drone Just Before It Falls Into Water

Ryan Chatfield Images just got a brand new quadrotor drone equipped with a camera, and wanted to test it out at


Chimpanzee Takes Down Drone Flying In Ape Enclosure

A chimpanzee at the Burgers Zoo was not too pleased to see a drone flying around his enclosure. Once the flying


Imperial Speeder Bike Remote Control Drone

The Internet has seen the remote control Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter. Now, Ajw61185 has just published this video featuring a remote


Nerd Creates Remote Control Tie Fighter Drone

Remember the remote control Millennium Falcon drone that went viral a month ago? After such a great response, remote control


Nerd Creates Epic Remote Control Millennium Falcon Drone

Like so many nerds out there, Olivier C is super excited about the new Star Wars film debuting later this year. To hold


Drone Flyer Jumps In Lake And Catches Drone Just Before It Runs Out Of Power

Secretly, all adults are just kids in bigger bodies. We like to play with toys still, just bigger, cooler, more expensive


Kangaroo Punches Drone Out Of Sky

Quadcopter drones are becoming more and more common these days. Many people are unhappy with this modern technology as they


Mini-Drones Battle Remote Control Cars Action Scene

Special effects studio Corridor Digital teamed up with drone company Parrot to put together this heart racing action scene. While going for a drive through