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Drone Captures Gorgeous Footage Of Dom Tower Tallest Church In The Netherlands

The Dom Tower of Utrecht, or Domtoren Utrecht in Dutch, is well known in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe for


Hawk Attacks Quadcopter

Now, that quadrotors and personal drones are becoming more common, we must learn to share the skies with the bird.


John Oliver On American Drones

Just 20 years ago, drones were a science fiction dream. But today, they are big business. Many governments are now


Ram Takes Down Quadcopter Drone

Buddhanz found an angry ram in the forest, and decided to follow it with his remote control quadcopter. But the ram was


Man Catches His Dying Drone Right Before It Dropped Into Lake

Redphive was having so much fun with his new drone that he completely lost track of time. Soon, the battery on his


Google Introduces Project Wing

The Internet and tech world exploded in glee when Amazon introduced their drone delivery program, Amazon Prime Air. Though the


Third Person Driving Using A Drone For Sight

British scientist Tom Scott conducted a rare driving experiment that was impossible only a short time ago. He had two drivers that


Drone Flying Through Fireworks Is Gorgeous

Happy Fourth of July! Jos Stiglingh sent a camera equipped drone flying into and through a fireworks display in West Palm Beach, Florida


Drone Records Terrifying Yacht Fire

Kurt Roll is a sailor and avid RC aircraft flyer. While flying his drone around the San Diego harbor he noticed


Drone Captures Mayflower, Arkansas Tornado Damage On 4-27-2014

A powerful and terrifying tornado struck Mayflower, Arkansas on Sunday. After the storm passed, Brian Emfinger grabbed his camera-equipped drone and took


Drone Records Amazing Footage Of Enormous Dolphin And Whale Pod Stampede

This awe-inspiring video by Dolphin Safari has gone viral over the weekend with over 430,000 hits so far!  Captain Dave Anderson


Herding Reindeer From Above Is Stunning

Norwegian photographer and naturist Jan Helmer Olsen published this stunning video of reindeer being herded from an aerial view. Jan used