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What Else Can An Egg Slicer Cut?

Another round of interesting life hacks from Dave Hax. Who would have thought a simple egg slicer could be that


Guy Randomly Throws Eggs At His Mom

For months, this kid randomly threw a raw egg at his mom. He only gave her a moment to realize


Farmer Finds Egg Inside Of An Egg

This isn't the first time a video such as this has gone viral online, but that doesn't make this any


Gluing An Egg To The Head Prank

Can you balance an egg on your head? Probably not. For an original prank, one guy asked Jeff to try


Justin Bieber Gets Egged

The Internet loves to hate Justin Bieber. After more than a few kerfuffles in the press recently, it seems his agent has


What Happens When You Crack An Egg Underwater

Have you ever wondered what happens if you crack an egg underwater? Cellphone company Nokia wanted to find out, so they


Smashing Eggs In Slow Motion

The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect left the sports arena behind to do some 'guy things in slow motion.'  In this


Cool Way To Separate Egg Yolk From White Using Plastic Bottle

This how-to video was posted by Handimania in November, but is trending now more than ever. Separating eggs yolks from the white


Richard And Adam Sing ‘The Impossible Dream’ On Britain’s Got Talent, Violinist Eggs Simon

This singing performance by Richard and Adam at the Britain's Got Talent finals has gone viral, but not for the reasons


How To Scramble Hard Boiled Eggs Inside The Shell

As Easter is here, the web is naturally stormed with egg-themed videos. Inventor and how-to master Night Hawkin Light has gone viralviral


Biggest Chicken Egg In The World Egg Inception

Videos of shocked farmers and cooks cracking an extraordinarily large egg only to discover an entirely intact egg inside, in addition


Egg Roundhouse Kicked In Slow Motion

To launch their new 'Fighter VS Food' series, NOC enlisted lightweight contender Anthony "Showtime" Pettis to star in the opening episode. They appropriately